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When it comes to authorising budget for IT the Finance Director can be presented with a minefield of jargon and impenetrable specifications

– How do you make sure that the solution you buy will meet your company needs and won’t become outdated within a couple of years?

Providing a robust network is complex enough but then there are decisions about who should support the system, what maintenance contracts should be purchased, how should you go about buying the hardware & software and from which supplier & finally, and most importantly, how to develop an IT strategy to ensure that whatever you buy helps to develop your organisation’s services and doesn’t just become a drain on limited resources
The Solution : Move your IT to the Cloud !

Here at Cloudmetix we have a winning solution and the really impressive aspect for any FD is that the solution is considerably cheaper and more flexible than traditional IT expenditure.
For further details please see: Cloudmetix

By Selina Chandler, FD @ Netmetix.