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‘Hacking Hell’ for business

2012 is  already cybercrime’s HELL YEAR – as reported by Fast Company

Visitors to the Birmingham City Council website last week found themselves unable to check council tax payments, find out about council meetings and check library opening times as the website was taken offline as a defensive measure against online hackers.  A group of unknown hackers outside of the UK attempted to hack into the council’s £2.8 million state-of-the-art website and breach the private details of all city residents.

In the same week, BBC’s Inside Out programme asked students at Coventry University’s ethical hacking class to hack into the private details of former boxer Richie Woodhall, through which they easily obtained his full name, date of birth, educational achievements and more crucially, his internet protocol address through which viruses and malware could be spread. All this at the time the UK embraced Internet Safety Day (February 7), a nationwide campaign designed to promote safer use of online technology throughout the world.

The threat of hacking has never really gone away since last year’s widely reported hacks on the Sony Playstation Network, blogging platform WordPress and Facebook but these latest events highlight the danger of hacking as a regional worry for local businesses as well as one that can affect larger corporations. 

Falling victim to hacking can not only cause your business stress and worry but can also impact on your working hours as you spend days, weeks or even months looking for the most effective way to restore and protect your IT systems. Cybercrime is estimated to cost £1 trillion a year worldwide and £27 billion in the UK alone so it is no surprise that the latest Chamber of Commerce investigation into business crime found that firms in the region were losing more than £7,000 a year due to hacking and cybercrime.

There are many ways that we can protect your IT systems from the threat of hacking and our managed services include 24/7 monitored anti-spam and anti-virus software, email management services, data leakage protection, backup and replication services and multiple quarantine management. You can pick a bespoke security package to suit you to ensure that it is right for the line of  business you work in or alternatively you could adopt our Cloudmetix cloud computing solution that will look after all areas of concern.

Cloudmetix contains software as a service and offers built-in protection against all hacking attempts and data threats. Cloudmetix eliminates the time spent constantly updating your anti-virus, searching for the right software on which to store data and the expense paid when it all goes wrong. With data replicated and stored at an offline location as well as anti-virus and anti-spam software running around the clock, you can be sure that with Cloudmetix or our individual managed services, your business data is protected and safe from online attacks and you can get on with the day to day concerns of running your business, leaving the technical issues to us!

Find out more about Cloudmetix at or follow us on twitter @cloudmetix to see for yourself how we are helping fellow businesses stay protected against the constant threat of hacking.


Managed Services can help your business grow

Managed services is an area of IT provision that is set for huge growth, with the Americans expecting spending to increase from 27% in 2011 to 40% in 2015.  The UK is rapidly following suit, and we have been at the forefront of this growth with our own range of managed services.

Managed Services can include anything from a complete cloud computing infrastructure like our own Cloudmetix or a fully managed internal IT system to a simple managed anti-virus service. Our wide range of managed services includes Cloudmetix, WAN solutions, anti-virus, anti-spam, back-up, replication, audit and IP telephony. 

In our experience helping companies across the Midlands with their IT issues, we have found managed services contribute to the growth of a business as well as taking the pressure off day-to-day business itself. We have seen companies able to divert attention away from managing their own IT development projects and focus on their core business development. Additional bonuses of an IT overhaul include the company using less power and reducing their IT carbon footprint.


What managed services are on offer?

Cloud computing

Cloudmetix enables you to have access to your full IT systems from anywhere,  provided you have an internet connection. It allows access to all your files and documents, your business software and email accounts. The whole system is updated and maintained by a professional IT team, so all you have to worry about is the actual business. It brings together all members of your team, including any remote workers and branches from different locations.


A fully managed anti-virus solution will mean that the selection, testing, planning, deployment, updating and reporting of the software will be taken off your shoulders. The Netmetix anti-virus managed services package will also cost no more than what you would pay for a basic unmanaged software product. It provides the  skilled IT resources, domain expertise, centralised monitoring and management facilities and proactive approach to ensuring the protection of your servers, desktops and laptops against the ever present threat of viruses, spam and malware attacks.



A Managed Anti-spam service will prevent all unwanted email, spam and virus’s from ever reaching your network. How is it different to junk e-mail?  It means you don’t have to filter through checking for legitimate emails, giving your business back productivity time. It will give your business the continual protection needed to stay on top of this ever present and evolving threat.


With all the IT threats present in this technological age, a managed back-up will create a safe, reliable infrastructure, which will help you recover from a disruption before downtime negatively affects business operations or customer relations. It means that all files are automatically backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes if needed.  


A managed replication service is a step in a disaster recovery plan. It ensures that a continuous replication of the business data is stored off-site within a secure Network Operation Centre, so if the worse ever did happen, then the business could be quickly be back up and running.


A managed audit protects customer and business data from increasing security threats and tougher compliance requirements in regulated industries. It will give a comprehensive way to regularly assess and report on possible vulnerability, configuration and compliance related issues on the network.

IP Telephony

This is a way to unify communications and ensure that you are communicating effectively with suppliers, customers and colleagues. It is an all-in-one networking and communications solution that will mean your business can collaborate and problem-solve more effectively. IP telephony also allows a greater degree of flexibility by bringing remote workers and locations into a single telephone system with free inter-location calls. IP routed telephony can also significantly reduce your monthly telephone bills.


Take the first step in relieving your business IT headache by employing a Managed Services Solution suitable for your business. Call one of our friendly advisors on 024 7640 8100 to experience the relief yourself.