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Cloud Computing boosts employee performance


Stephen Groundwell demonstrates the flexibility of Cloudmetix

The business agility created by Cloud Computing is boosting employee motivation and performance, according to Head of ICT & Business Development at 02, Nicola Mortimer.

As we launch our own cloud solution, Cloudmetix, we find it no surprise that businesses are instantly seeing the benefits of the system, with a general trend of an increase in staff motivation.


As a result of the ‘business agility’ created by cloud computing, Ms. Mortimer claimed that employers could use it as an employee motivation tool to provide a better work-life balance for their workforce.

With the flexibility and scalability Cloudmetix offers, you could potentially attract new staff to your company as well as boost the existing morale in the business.

Flexible working is a growing phenomenon, and the key element of creating such an environment in the workplace is for businesses to switch their IT to a cloud-based system.

Ms. Mortimer said: “From an employee’s perspective, they really get greater mobility – access to company tools from multiple devices when they are outside of the office, so they are not restricted to being at the desk.”

The whole dynamic of an office shifts with cloud adoption, resulting in a more flexible business. A survey of 500 IT decision makers by Sand Hill found that 50% of respondents cited business agility as a primary reason for implementing cloud-based IT.

Another major advantage of transitioning to the Cloud is the financial implications it will have, as Cloudmetix is a cost effective way for SME’s to update their businesses IT.

Ms Mortimer added: “Cloud computing allows businesses to pay only for services as they use them; it’s a utility-based type of computing. That would be a very key aspect for reducing costs within a business.”

How Cloudmetix can make your business more agile ….

  • ·        It can be scaled in response to your business needs.  The elasticity of Cloudmetix means you can add or remove users quickly.
  • ·        Your complete office IT can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • ·        Cloudmetix has robust data security, preventing risks from cyber crime, hacking and viruses.


How will it change day-to-day activity?

The traditional 9am to 5pm office hours ties employees to a rigid working regime.  This can create resentment when more flexible working is required. Cloudmetix is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, enabling employees to have flexible working hours and being able to work from home.
Having to deal with masses of spam emails and sort through them causes annoyance and also lost productivity.


Cloudmetix spam filters ensure junk emails are minimised and you are also safe from hacking and cybercrime.
Malfunctioning IT systems can result in unnecessary downtime for staff creating backlogs in workload and lost productivity. Cloudmetix is available 24/7, and is on robust and secure servers, virtually guaranteeing no downtime for business productivity.
Remote workers and freelance staff can often feel isolated and not part of a team leading to lower morale and motivation. Cloudmetix enhances business communications, ensuring that team members have access to the office IT as if they were there.   With all the business data being readily available and accessible, the performance of remote workers and freelance staff can be increased.


Cloudmetix 30 Day No Obligation Trial

If you are looking at moving to cloud computing why not try it first. 

With Cloudmetix you can have a 30 day trial period with no obligation.   

Simply call us today or email:


Cloudmetix team leader glides for charity

Netmetix is quite literally all about the Clouds at the moment as Stephen Groundwell, a Sales Executive from the company, is set to do his longest ever paraglide this month for charity.

Stephen Groundwell from Netmetix

After taking up paragliding 2 years ago, Stephen has decided to put his hobby to use and raise funds towards blood cancer charity, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. The charity is the only one in the UK that solely dedicates its research into blood cancers with 28,500 people being diagnosed every year. It is a cause that is close to my heart as well as Stephen’s.

We are supporting the charity paraglide through Cloudmetix, which is our latest complete cloud-based solution.

Over a full day Stephen aims to be air bound for as long as possible, flying the furthest achievable distance. He has set himself a personal target of 30 miles throughout the day, which is 10 miles more than his previous record.

We are appealing for support for this very worthy cause:

Where will your donations go?

  • To help finding better treatments and cures for all blood cancers, including leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.
  • £20 million is needed every year for the life-saving work to continue.
  • To support 260 active research projects around the UK.
  • To improve the quality of life for all patients touched by these conditions.

Stephen says…

“Paragliding is a completely eye-opening experience, I’ve wanted to get into it all my life. My previous personal record was 20 miles in a whole day, so I think this will be very difficult. But this is in aid of a good cause so please sponsor me whatever you can. I really appreciate all of your support towards helping with this common cause of Leukaemia & Lymphoma.”

Donations can be made at or email Stephen directly with the amount you wish to sponsor at